What to Bring, What Not to Bring

Bring enough clothing for 5 outfits to include: shorts, tee shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters; pants - both casual and active and comfortable walking shoes. Bring a bathing suit along with a hat and sunscreen as for beach outings, and bring exercise clothing for the gym and for our yoga and pilates classes. It is also recommended that you bring an eye mask and ear plugs.

Bring a bag or backpack for safekeeping of your treatment materials. You may bring cell phones, laptops and/or tablets - you will have restricted access to those items. Do NOT bring any other valuables as you will be in a community setting the majority of the time.

Please do not bring any of the following items: weapons or knives, drug or alcohol-related clothing, midriff shirts, cropped belly tops or short shorts.

Orange County Beaches

All belongings are subject to being searched at anytime during treatment. If you are coming from out of town and staying in one of our recommended sober livings, towels and sheets will be provided for you. Please discuss any questions with your admissions counselor regarding any additional questions.

Coming to Us From Out of Town

The weather in southern California is very comfortable, typically ranging from the mid 70s-80s, Fahrenheit.

Making the decision to travel for drug and/or alcohol treatment can be a difficult one. On one hand, it’s scary to think that you or your loved one can be hundreds of miles away from home, dealing with possibly the toughest issues they’ve ever dealt with in their entire life. On the other hand, removing the addict from their normal environment where they are used to abusing and from dysfunctional environments can be a great tool in the recovery process.

Drug and alcohol recovery works on a voluntary basis and by being further away from familiar people, places and things, you actually reduce your chances of relapse.

Let us help you with your airfare and travel bookings to reduce the stress in this time of change and uncertainty. We provide top quality travel assistance. We can help you book a flight, and we can even send a sober companion to fly with you! We can arrange to have you picked up from the airport or make other travel arrangements from other treatment centers. Whatever we can do to assist you in this process, we will do.


Our Admissions Counselors will help you with your TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS.

If you need help, you are headed to the right place. Settling for a local treatment center with subpar care can end up costing you much more than a plane ticket! Don’t let traveling or distance prevent you from the high quality level of care you deserve. All of our Admissions Staff are trained to help and facilitate travel to and from the center, making it a hassle and stress-free process for you. Call us today and be on your way to a BETTER LIFE! 

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