We all know that a considerable amount of time and energy must be put forth if one expects to maintain their sobriety! Sober Spot encourages everyone to make the absolute most of their time while in the early stages of recovery and we would like to give you our perspective on periods of boredom that, for many, often trigger a relapse. It’s essential to place more value on time and learn ways to making each moment memorable in recovery.

There is plenty to keep a recovering addict occupied during program hours, but what are they doing on their own time? Are they being productive? Are they engaging in healthy activities or are they sitting at home, bored and tired of the routine that they’ve been keeping?

The purpose for being productive in early recovery is not just to keep the recovering addict’s mind off of their drug of choice, but to truly open their minds to new possibilities and showing them that they are capable of living a wholesome life if they were to simply become more willing to experience new things!

Here is an activity guide for those of you who are struggling to fill your time with anything other than a drug. Your recovery depends on the energy you place on time and, of course, the people you surround yourself with as you go. We hope that you find value in this guide and that you try something new everyday! We’d like your feedback on what has worked for you!

Community Service  - There is great mutual benefit in volunteer work! Being of service to other people, and even animals, can make your days more meaningful. So, take your kind and compassionate soul out into the world and find a place where you can share your gifts and pass the time in a positive, uplifting way! It doesn’t take much but an open heart to pick up the phone and call your local animal or homeless shelter, hospital, church/fellowship or nature conservation center, and ask if they are currently accepting volunteers. Be a difference maker!

Gym & Fitness Groups - Find a gym that offers economical membership packages and join! Plenty of gyms not only offer equipment for individual workouts, but they usually have group rooms where a variety of classes are held at no extra charge. You can choose anything from aerobic and strength training to zumba and pilates, and more! Not only are you improving upon your physical health, but you’re doing it in a room full of people and have the perfect opportunity to make new friends.

Bookstores or Libraries - Take time browsing the shelves of your local library or bookstore. It is highly encouraged that you find inspirational literature that will uplift and keep you motivated in recovery. Find books that challenge your belief system and encourage you to explore your innermost self. To get you started, see if you can find a book titled “The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions” by Christopher Germer PhD.

Explore your Creativity - Visit your local craft store and find a DIY project that catches your eye! Use your imagination to draw, paint, or make a gift for someone special. Take a free jewelry class and proudly wear your handmade piece everywhere you go. Try calligraphy and make someone a beautiful birthday card with it or find a Ceramic Studio and see if they teach Raku, which is Japanese Pottery.

To those of you reading this, we wish you all the best in discovering ways to transform the boredom into fulfilling moments of joy, happiness, creativity and fun!