Have you experienced a time when you knew exactly what needed to be done to bring resolution in the midst of conflict? Did you know what to do but were not always willing to do it? More often than not, were you afraid of the outcome? Perhaps you were not willing to make people angry or hurt their feelings. Maybe you were not willing to take the first step, particularly if you wouldn’t see where that step would lead, or if you were afraid of where it might lead. The more entrenched you become in resistance, the further away you become from a state of willingness.

Willingness fosters and builds a courageous character. Willingness strengthens the connection between the physical mind and the divine or spiritual mind. Willingness may not make your life easier, but it just might make it easier for you to move through every experience that may confront you in life. Having the courage to speak your mind and tell the truth from a position of love rather than anger, being open to accept the views of others without feeling threatened, relinquishing the ego’s need to be in control by demonstrating the willingness to do whatever it takes to establish peace - all these types of willingness lead to growth! You grow in mental agility and spiritual fortitude.

While there are many pathways to recovery, it seems that one cannot get to any of them without willingness. In order to maintain successful sobriety, one must always keep an open mind. It is perhaps the only way to grow and make the most of life’s experiences! Enjoy this week’s positive affirmation and make it come true for you! To be WILLING is to be courageous!  


-Erica Bedier