The admissions process

The process of admissions to The Sober Spot Recovery Center begins with a simple phone call to us today. Our qualified, supportive admissions counselor is standing by to discuss your treatment options confidentially.

We offer affordable treatment options and accept insurance. To verify your insurance benefits, call us today, we will have your quote ready within the hour.

When you speak to one of our admissions counselors, we will be asking you some very basic questions, this is a FREE process that is absolutely confidential with no obligation.

To make sure for the appropriate program placement, there is a fair amount of information we will be gathering from you. Don’t worry, one of our staff members will be guiding you through this process, making it as easy as possible for you. During this time, you may speak to your admissions counselor regarding any concerns of financial responsibility or cost. If necessary, financial assistance may be available as well as scholarships and other discounted rates based on circumstances and other variables.

The length of time between your initial phone call to us, and your 1st day of treatment may vary based upon circumstances of the individual. The sooner, the better and we will do all that we can, including travel arrangements and airfare booking to complete the process as time efficiently as possible. In some cases, patients have been admitted in under 24 hours dependent upon location.
Regarding current medication prescribed by your primary physician or current psychiatrist, it is important that you bring whatever medication you are taking CURRENTLY to treatment with you. Once you are admitted, you will see a psychiatrist and physician on our staff for continued prescriptions. Each new patient is required for both a psychiatric and medical evaluation within the first 48 hours of admittance. Please discuss all medications you are currently on with your admissions counselor as well.

If you are calling on behalf of a loved one, you will speak with our admissions counselor periodically throughout the admissions process dependent upon your relationship with the patient. Information discussed will still be completely confidential


We accept ppo insurance

Using Your Medical Insurance for Treatment

The obvious truth is that drug or alcohol treatment is rather costly. Using your insurance can help with the challenge of paying for your treatment. If you’re unfamiliar with your insurance benefits, it’s possible that you have coverage without knowing that you do. Going through the insurance process can potentially be a stressful time without knowledge of what’s required and when. This can hinder you from focusing on the challenges at hand. Having someone walk you through this process who understands what you are going through, and who is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and coverage is essential to make this a smooth transition allowing you to have peace of mind. Our Admissions Counselors are experts when it comes to this process. Please ask your admissions counselor any questions you may have regarding insurance benefits. They will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you get the most coverage from your insurance for treatment.

Your Information with Us is 100% SAFE

If you are using your employee sponsored health insurance, please don’t stress, your information is absolutely confidential and your employer will NOT be notified of your treatment. Under HIPPA regulations we are prohibited from disclosing any information regarding any of our patients, we cannot even confirm or deny that they are admitted in our program if asked. Under NO circumstances will we release any information regarding treatment you receive from The Sober Spot Recovery Center to any person or institution without prior authorization from you.

Admission inquiries

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